Orange & Black AweSpark Firesteel


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AweSpark Firesteel

The survival rule of 3’s

  • 3 hours without fire & shelter in harsh enviroment
  • 3 days without water
  • 3 weeks without food

Fire in a wilderness is absolutely essential. It keeps you warm, boils your drinking water, and cooks your food. Matches can be ruined if they get wet and lighters can break. AweSpark Firesteel does not care if it is wet, covered in snow, or extremely cold, just strike it with the spine of your knife or striker and voila. Firesteel is considered by many outdoor experts to be the most reliable tool for starting a fire. A 3/8″ firesteel ferro rod is good for up to 12,000+ strikes! Firesteels are commonly carried by Survivalists, Military Personnel, Boy Scouts, Bushcrafters, Hikers, Climbers and Hunters.┬áIf you’re serious about survival in the bush, then becoming an expert at starting fires is a must and starting fires with our 3/8″ firesteel helps make it a snap.

Available with or without Black Kydex Firesteel Holder.

Firestarter Features:
Firesteel Overall Length: 3.6″
Firesteel Overall Weight: 1.7oz (48g)

G10 Handle Features:
Firesteel Width at widest point: 0.9 ”
Firesteel Length: 1.4″

Ferro Rod Features:
Original Auermetall® Ferro Rod / Firesteel by Treibacher Industrie of Austria
Ferro Rod / Firesteel Dimensions: 3″ long x 3/8″ diameter
Usable Ferro Rod / Firesteel Length: 2.2″
Ferro Rod / Firesteel Weight: 1.2 oz (34g)
Lacquer-coated to prevent oxidation
Rounded Edges
Firesteel Highly Pyrophoric

Firestarter Kydex Holder Features:
Formed from 0.8″ Black Kydex
Two holes spaced 1.5″ apart
Fits 3/8″ diameter Firesteel
Hardware included
Loop only- Kydex Sheath not included

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Firestarter Kydex Holder

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